Adolf Hitler Jr

Author: Buck Young
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The sameness in most stories about Adolf Hitler and WW II won't be found in this work. Herein, a powerful ancient political organization is implementing a 'new world order' of rulers and slaves. Adolf Hitler refuses to join them. They set the Jews and the world’s leaders against Germany. Adolf Hitler and his wife escape from devastated Germany to America. Adolf Hitler Jr is born. The Hitlers are pursued tenaciously by vicious Nazi hunters. Suspense, fear, and murders occur. Adolf Hitler fights a hand to hand battle to the death with Mossad assassins.

Adolf Hitler

Author: Dennis Wepman
Publisher: Chelsea House Pub
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A biography of Adolf Hitler from his solitary boyhood in Austria to his bizarre death in Berlin.

A Military Leadership Analysis Of Adolf Hitler

Author: Major Paul A. Braunbeck Jr.
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
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“Before the war, and still more during the conquest of the West, Hitler came to appear a gigantic figure, combining the strategy of a Napoleon with the cunning of a Machiavelli and the fanatical fervour of a Mohomet. After his first check in Russia, his figure began to shrink, and towards the end he was regarded as a blundering amateur in the military field, whose crazy orders and crass ignorance had been the Allies’ greatest asset. All the disasters of the German Army were attributed to Hitler; all its successes were credited to the German General Staff.” - B. H. Liddell Hart Liddell Hart goes on to say that while this description of Adolf Hitler may not be entirely true, there is certainly some truth to it. While conducting the research for this project, it became increasing apparent that in the late 1930s Hitler was indeed a successful military leader. The impetus behind this success was partly due to Hitler’s political decision making process which, in effect, laid the foundation for World War II. However, as his success continued to mount, he became more and more involved in the intricacies of battlefield tactics and strategy. This is where Hitler’s and Germany’s eventual downfall for the conquest of Europe began. Upon examining Hitler’s strengths, weaknesses, and decision making processes as a military leader one can begin to fully appreciate how the infamous “stop” order at Dunkirk and his “no retreat” policy at Stalingrad are often referred to as Hitler’s greatest blunders of World War II.

Adolf Hitler

Author: Quelle Wikipedia
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Dieser Inhalt ist eine Zusammensetzung von Artikeln aus der frei verfugbaren Wikipedia-Enzyklopadie. Seiten: 109. Kapitel: Mein Kampf, Einburgerung Adolf Hitlers, Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler, Liebmann-Aufzeichnung, 1. SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler, Hitler-Prozess, Paula Hitler, Hitlers Rede vor dem Industrie-Club Dusseldorf, Eva Braun, Jean Loret, Reinhold Hanisch, Hossbach-Niederschrift, Alois Hitler, Adolf-Hitler-Schule, Hitlers Zweites Buch, Hugo Blaschke, Traudl Junge, Samuel Morgenstern, Treffen Papens mit Hitler im Haus des Bankiers Schroder, Fuhrer-Begleit-Bataillon, Klara Hitler, Jackie, Adolf-Hitler-Geburtshaus, Politisches Testament Adolf Hitlers, Mannerwohnheim Meldemannstrasse, William Patrick Hitler, Blondi, Alois Hitler junior, Ansprache Hitlers vor den Oberbefehlshabern am 22. August 1939, Frankenberger-These, Jakob Altenberg, Eugenie Haug, Angela Hammitzsch, August Kubizek, Ansprache Hitlers vor den Oberbefehlshabern am 23. November 1939, Rudolf Hausler, Schmundt-Protokoll, Gerda Christian, Heinrich Hitler, Fuhrerbegleitkommando, Arthur Kannenberg, Der Weg zum Wiederaufstieg, Christa Schroeder, Constanze Manziarly, Franz Sales Schwarz, Maria Reiter, Johanna Wolf, Ahnengau. Auszug: Adolf Hitler (* 20. April 1889 in Braunau am Inn; 30. April 1945 in Berlin) war ein deutscher Politiker osterreichischer Herkunft. Er war ab dem 29. Juli 1921 Vorsitzender der NSDAP, wurde am 30. Januar 1933 Reichskanzler und war von 1934 bis zu seinem Suizid 1945 unter der Bezeichnung Fuhrer und Reichskanzler" zugleich Regierungschef und Staatsoberhaupt des Deutschen Reiches, sowie ab 4. Februar 1938 Oberbefehlshaber der Wehrmacht. In Hitlers Regierungszeit errichtete die NSDAP die Diktatur des sogenannten Dritten Reiches. Im Laufe des Jahres 1933 wurden alle anderen Parteien verboten oder zur Selbstauflosung gedrangt. Das Regime verfolgte politische Gegner mit Inhaftierung in Konzentrationslagern, Ausgrenzung, Folter und Mord..

Young Adolf

Author: F P. Daversa; J V. Franciosa, Jr.
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1467026158
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Young Adolf as you have never seen him before... Experience Adolf Hitler's childhood in striking detail. Witness his ordeals, from the rigors of his schooling to beatings by his father. Factual accounts are interspersed with fictional inventions, such as his relationship with a hypothetical girl named Helga. Can young Adolf conquer the personal barriers his difficult childhood presented and become close with her emotionally? How will that change him? Learn more about Adolf the boy. Experience the molding of his dreams, his prejudices, and his desires in visceral detail. Come to understand the inner-workings of History's most infamous megalomaniac through the perspective of a child's eyes. Follow Adolf from birth to his late teenage years. Know the boy before he was the world's most feared man. Witness his courtship with good-natured Helga. Follow their relationship as it grows. Then decide for yourself if Helga's influence might have altered the course of History.”