Adopted Land Beloved Land

Author: Christopher G. Pea
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781452000596
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Both informative and engaging, Adopted Land, Beloved Land: The Pea-Lara Story depicts the author's family history, while also telling the story of how a Mexican family successfully assimilated into the United States, adopting the American way of life, though never loosing sight of their Hispanic heritage. Having no choice but to flee what was then a war-ravaged Mexico during the Mexican Revolution, author Christopher Pea's paternal grandparents and four of his uncles crossed the border at Laredo in 1915. Once in the States, four additional children were born, including his father - totaling seven boys and a girl. Six of the boys went on to serve during the Second World War, including one who was wounded at Iwo Jima. Adopted Land, Beloved Land: The Pea-Lara Story chronicles Pea's father's roots in Mexico starting in the 1860s, the Mexican Revolution, life in Monterrey, history of and family life in Laredo, the military service of the six boys during the Second World War, and the post-war years of the family, ending in 2009.

Beloved Land

Author: Gordon Peake
Publisher: Scribe Publications
ISBN: 9781922072689
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At the stroke of midnight on 20 May 2002, the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste became the first new nation of the 21st century. From that moment, those who fought for independence have faced a challenge even bigger than shaking off Indonesian occupation: running a country of their own. Beloved Land picks up the story where world attention left off. Blending narrative history, travelogue, and personal reminiscences based on four years of living in the country, Gordon Peake shows the daunting hurdles that the people of Timor-Leste must overcome to build a nation from scratch, and how much the international community has to learn if it is to help rather than hinder the process. Family politics, squabbles, power struggles, old romances, and even older grudges are woven into life in this land of intrigue and rumours in the most remarkable ways. Yet above all, Beloved Land is a story about the one million East Timorese who speak nearly 20 different languages, and who are exuberantly building their nation. Written with verve and deep affection, the book introduces a set of colourful Timorese and international characters, and brings them to life unforgettably.

The Pe A Lara Story

Author: Christopher G. Peña
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 9781491863411
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After discovering additional information pertaining to his paternal side of the family, author Christopher G. Peña revised his original book to provide the reader with a richly detailed account of each member of the Peña-Lara family, along with their respective spouses. Both highly informative and engaging, The Peña-Lara Story: Revisited retraces the family’s roots that began in New Spain (Mexico), including the military exploits of the family’s patriarch, Lt. Col. José Emeterio Pozas, who served under Spain and Mexico. In addition, the story includes an account of the family’s life in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico, the Peña-Lara’s forced evacuation of the city during the height of the 1910-1920 Mexican Revolution, the family’s assimilation into the United States, including the military service of six of the Peña-Lara sons during the Second World War and, finally, the family’s postwar years. It is a family chronicle that includes almost two centuries of history telling. The Pena-Lara Story: Revisited provides the reader with a wealth of new and detailed information about the family’s origins, some of which was recently discovered during an exhaustive search through Mexican Civil and Church archival records, as well as many United States civil and religious documents. This information now enlightens – and contradicts – long-held beliefs about the origins and lives of the Peña-Lara lineage.

Beloved Land

Author: Patricia Preciado Martin
Publisher: University of Arizona Press
ISBN: 0816523827
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"Through oral histories and an array of historic and contemporary photos, Beloved Land records a way of life that has contributed so much to the region. Individuals like Dona Ramona tell stories about rural life, farming, ranching, and vaquero culture that enrich our knowledge of settlement, culinary practices, religious traditions, arts, and education of Hispanic settlers of Arizona. They talk frankly about how the land changed hands - not always by legal means - and tell how they feel about modern society and the disappearance of the rural lifestyle."--BOOK JACKET.

The Beloved Land

Author: Janette Oke
Publisher: Bethany House Pub
ISBN: 0764227238
Size: 19.16 MB
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Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, two daughters make a dangerous journey in an effort to see their ailing father.

The Flight Of The Phoenix

Author: Joerg Bauer
Publisher: epubli
ISBN: 9783844262124
Size: 16.57 MB
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The business environment in Zimbabwe is changing. Why should it matter to you? The world as we knew it, is upside down. Lehman, Euro Crisis, Ponzi-Schemes of global proportions. What had been perceived as secure, looks increasingly shaky – like Western sovereign bonds. So the independent mind should take a fresh look at investment frontiers were the prejudiced would run away screaming. And there is hardly a country as undervalued as Zimbabwe. The catalyst for change will be its industrious people and the elections of 2013. In this book you will learn about: - The past and present of Zimbabwe - The Zimbabwean hyperinflation, how it relates to what all central banks are doing now and how to protect yourself - Why Africa in general and Zimbabwe in particular offers ample opportunities for business uncorrelated to the West - Scenarios for the election outcomes – timing is key Caveat Emptor! TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1 INTRODUCTION 2 PAST AND PRESENT ZIMBABWE 3 THE WESTERN DEBT CRISIS - AND HOW IT RELATES TO ZIMBABWE 4 THIRTY YEARS OF INDEPENDENCE: A CASE STUDY IN ARRESTED SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 5 MICRO-ECONOMIC DEEP DIVE: ZIMBABWE'S ECONOMIC SECTORS 6 CURRENT ISSUES: RESTRICTIVE MEASURES AND INDIGENISATION 7 IN SEARCH FOR SAFE HAVENS: INVESTING IN AFRICA IN GENERAL AND ZIMBABWE IN PARTICULAR 8 THE UPCOMING ELECTION OF 2013 9 CONCLUSION AND OUTLOOK