Bullet City

Author: Joshua Catalano
Publisher: J.M. Catalano
ISBN: 0998817708
Size: 17.36 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Detective Vince Kato. He is the best of the best, despite how unorthodox his methods of law enforcement may be. From his Marty McFly life vest, to his high top sneakers, Sony Walkman and dinosaur of a phone, it is clear this is a man stuck in the 80's. Vince is having a bad week. After another successful case, in which he inadvertently blew up the top half of the bank and its fourth floor parking garage, Vince is suspended from the force, slapped with yet another subpoena and caught in the middle of a shoot out between rival gang members with suits.When the gangs flee, leaving Vince holding the smoking gun, strangely enough, the FBI show up and place the blame on him. Of coarse, his only choice of escape is to take the innocent bystander woman he rescued hostage and clear his name.During this game of cat and mouse between the rival gang members and the FBI, the truth starts to unfold. Vince believes he has been caught in the middle of a war over a new prototype facial recognition sniper rifle code named: The SNIP, whose first target is the Governor of California...Or is there more? Follow Vince as he uncovers what is truly at stake, all while meeting a mini AI robot "borrowed" from the CIA, politicians gone bad, and possibly falling for a know it all hostage he can't stand...

Bullet City

Author: James Dargan
ISBN: 1520819412
Size: 17.11 MB
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Bayside City, Bullet City in a word. A place where violence and death are never very far away... The Irish, Italian, Polish and Jewish mobs are all fighting for supreme power in town, but only one can come out on top. With only a few tough and honest cops to keep order, the Police Department - run by a bent Police Commissioner and Mayor - has its work cut out.Bullet City is a hardboiled noir crime fiction epic set in 1930's America.

The Bullet Meant For Me

Author: Jan Reid
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9781477306345
Size: 11.88 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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On April 20, 1998, Jan Reid was shot during a robbery in Mexico City, where he had gone to watch his friend, the boxer Jesus Chavez, fight. In The Bullet Meant for Me, Reid powerfully recounts his ordeal, the long chain of life events that brought him to that fateful attack, and his struggle to regain the ability to walk and to be a full partner in a deeply satisfying marriage. Re-examining the whole trajectory of his life, Reid questions how much the Texan ideal of manhood shaped his identity, including his love for boxing and participation in the sport. He meditates on male friendship as he tells the story of his close relationship with Chavez, whose career and personal travails Reid details with empathy and insight. And he describes his long months in physical therapy, during which he drew on the unwavering love of his wife and daughter, as well as the courage and strength he had learned from boxing, to heal his body and spirit. A moving, intimate portrait of a man, a friendship, and a marriage, The Bullet Meant for Me is Jan Reid's most personal book.

Iraq Through A Bullet Hole

Author: Issam Jameel
Publisher: Loving Healing Press
ISBN: 9781615990900
Size: 11.33 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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A unique on-the-ground account of a country shattered Iraqi playwright Issam Jameel returned to Iraq after a 12-year exile. Giving up the relative safety of Jordan, he made a perilous journey to Baghdad for a reunion. Unfortunately, the reason for his trip was to grieve for his nephew, recently killed by American forces while guarding an Iraq parliament member from insurgents. Jameel also mourns the loss of a formerly secular civil society replaced by vehement sectarianism, intolerance, and ignorance. Basic human needs like food, water, and power have become an endless daily struggle amidst the shards of infrastructure. Routine tasks, such as selling a house or getting a job are fraught with peril as old scores continue to be settled on religious, ethnic, and political fronts. Everywhere he turns, people are desperate to leave, but fear for the worst. After escaping this madness, he recorded his eyewitness report, desperate to provide an honest and impartial tale of an epic tragedy which has killed more than 100,000 people and displaced many more. Today, the US government gambles with Iraq's stability by turning a blind eye to Al-Maliki's internal policy, especially after Wikileaks revealed his complicity in death squads. We are jeopardizing the hard-won political gains that the US achieved by neutralizing the Sunnis of Iraq when it converted them from fighters and boycotters to voters. The US administration fails to show much real concern for the future of democracy in Iraq except perhaps for its anxiety about Obama's promises of military withdrawal. Critics Praise "Iraq Through A Bullet Hole" "Issam Jameel's "Iraq Through A Bullet Hole" is evocative in the best sense of the word. A native Iraqi, he describes with measured sadness and authenticity the dismemberment of his country by a senseless war. His perspective on events there-both personal and general-will not be found in reporting done by the Western press. His tale reminds us that the things that matter most-family, friends, and faith can and will endure even the most severe trials. I highly recommend this book for its relevance and timelessness." --Cristobal Krusen, Author and Filmmaker "Iraq has been a focus for our attention for years now, since our armed forces went looking for nonexistent weapons of mass destruction there. The media have presented a picture-but how real is it? What is life really like in that unfortunate country? Find out by reading this book." --Robert Rich, PhD, Author of "Cancer: A Personal Challenge" "Going home is such a trivial thing to so many people in the world. This story is the revealing statement of one man that went home to find it lost in such a strife-filled region, considered by historians as the origin of modern civilization. For those who do know how difficult his journey was, they will relate to Issam's message which is one of perseverance, shared hope and a common faith in mankind that in the end, all could eventually be well. If only men would let it..." --Bill Evans, civilian contractor in Iraq More info at www.IraqThruABulletHole.com Book #5 in the Reflections of History Series from Modern History Press www.ModernHistoryPress.com BIO000000 Biography & Autobiography: General HIS027170 History: Military - Iraq War (2003-) HIS026000 History: Middle East - General

The Pearl Of Ruby City

Author: Jana Harris
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 9781504018944
Size: 18.54 MB
Format: PDF
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The year is 1893, and Pearl Ryan, a young woman with a checkered past, arrives in Ruby City, a silver mining town full of scoundrels—one to which no respectable woman would ever travel. Pearl sets up shop as the town laundress, but is clearly no ordinary charwoman: She is courted by many and the local doctor often solicits her assistance as his nurse. Pearl’s dream is to attend medical school—not a small feat for a woman alone in the Wild West—and hopes that the proceeds from her newly inherited mining claim will pay for her education. Meanwhile, laundry is her bread and butter. As laundress, however, Pearl is privy to many secrets she’d rather not know. As a student of the healing arts, she recognizes the symptoms of poisoning when she sees them. And as a woman with a past she’d rather keep hidden, she must solve the murders plaguing Ruby City before US marshals arrive.

The Last Silver Bullet

Author: Lewis C. Solmon
Publisher: IAP
ISBN: 9781607525615
Size: 16.21 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
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Originally this book was meant only to recommend a way to pay for placing modern technology into all of our country's public schools. As we began to formulate that financing plan, however, we realized the task was not as straightforward as we had thought. We were struck by the vehement opposition to our basic premisethe importance of using technology in educationvoiced by most relevant constituencies: educators, taxpayers, and especially many businesses.