The Beginnings Of English Law

Author: Lisi Oliver
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 9781442669222
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The laws of Æthelbert of Kent (ca. 600), Hlohere and Eadric (685x686), and Wihtred (695), are the earliest laws from Anglo-Saxon England, and the first Germanic laws written in the vernacular. They are of unique importance as the only extant early medieval English laws that delineate the progress of law and legal language in the early days of the conversion to Christianity. Æthelbert's laws, the closest existing equivalent to Germanic law as it was transmitted in a pre-literate period, contrast with Hlohere and Eadric's expanded laws, which concentrate on legal procedure and process, and again contrast with the further changed laws of Wihtred which demonstrate how the new religion of Christianity adapted and changed the law to conform to changing social mores. This volume updates previous works with current scholarship in the fields of linguistics and social and legal history to present new editions and translations of these three Kentish pre-Alfredian laws. Each body of law is situated within its historical, literary, and legal context, annotated, and provided with facing-page translation.

English Law In India

Author: A .C. Banerjee
Publisher: Abhinav Publications
ISBN: 8170171830
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In This Book A Well-Known Historian Offers A Critical Study Of A New Aspect Of Modern Indian History: The Gradual Introduction Of English Law Into India From The Advent Of The East India Company Till The Culmination Of The Period Of Codification In The Closing Years Of The Nineteenth Century. Special Stress Has Been Laid On The Impact Of English Law On Administration, Economy, Society And Constitutional Development. New Light Has Been Thrown Not Only On The Development Of Legal, Judicial And Constitutional Systems But Also On The Complex Historical Process Of The Emergence Of Modern India.

Precedent In English Law

Author: Rupert Cross
Publisher: Clarendon Press
ISBN: 9780191024443
Size: 13.26 MB
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This fourth edition of Precedent in English Law presents a basic guide to the current doctrine of precedent in England, set in the wider context of the jurisprudential problems which any treatment of this topic involves. Such problems include the nature of _ratio_ _decidendi_ of a precedent and of its binding force, the significance of precedents alongside other sources of law, their role in legal reasoning, and the account which must be taken of them by any general theory of law. Considerable re-writing has been undertaken to update case-law and take account of the possible implications for the doctrine of precedent of the impact of European Community law, making it an indispensable work of reference for readers interested in the past history, present state, and future developments of English rules of precedent.

Industrializing English Law

Author: Ron Harris
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521662753
Size: 15.66 MB
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This 2000 book addresses the discrepancy between the developing economy of England and the stagnant legal framework of business organization between 1720 and 1844.