Freedom Is A Two Edged Sword

Author: Jack W. Parsons
ISBN: 1561841161
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Written around 1950, these essays are now, decades later, still strikingly prophetic. His introductory essays on Magick and Witchcraft are classics of lucidity. This volume makes available for the first time all of Parsons' surviving essays, edited by his wife and student, Cameron, in collaboration with Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta, the head of the O.T.O.

Capitalism And Freedom

Author: Peter Nolan
Publisher: Anthem Press
ISBN: 9780857286932
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This remarkable, expansive text, explores the impact and ramifications this domineering economic phenomenon has had over our personal and social liberties. In this epoch of capitalist globalisation, Peter Nolan argues that capitalist freedom is a two-edged sword, and its contradictions have intensified, threatening the natural environment, and intensifying global inequality.

The Double Edged Sword Of Freedom Of Speech

Author: Stanislaw Sielicki
Publisher: Stanislaw Sielicki
ISBN: 9781468178906
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The author argues that not only Ancient philosophers and political thinkers of the Age of Enlightenment saw the guiding and prominent role of educated elites and their censorship of thoughts and mores of the rest as an important factor in preserving Liberty in society. Such an argument was also an essential part of the Founding Fathers' reasoning. The resulting "Aristocratic Constitution" (in terms of Anti-Federalists) was meant to limit imprudence of the general populace, in particular that which was influenced by the autocratic, Bible-centered political ideology of the Puritan, Calvinist sects. When the paternalistic social model of the Founders was over-throned during the Civil War, which was effectively a coup d'etat of the Big Capital supported by Puritans who saw commonalities between their self-reliance doctrine and the new unrestricted predatory capitalism ideology, original mechanisms of the Founders' Constitution had begun to work against Liberty. The firm hold on the power by the union of the Big Capital and Evangelicals was briefly and indecisively interrupted by the Progressivist ideas of the New Deal, but now it is precipitously strengthening again. In such conditions the unrestricted Freedom of Speech and Expressions, guarded not exclusively from the infringements of the Government, but also from the Special Interest Groups and individuals, is the only way to save our deteriorating Liberty."

Education As Freedom

Author: Noel S. Anderson
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 0739132601
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Before the founding of the United States, enslaved Africans advocated literacy as a method of emancipation. During the Reconstruction period after the Civil War, blacks were at the forefront of the debates on the establishment of public schools in the South. In fact, a wealth of ideas about the role of education in American freedom and progress emerged from African American civic, political, and religious communities and was informed by the complexity of the Black experience in America. Education as Freedom: African American Educational Thought and Activism is a groundbreaking edited text that documents and reexamines African-American empirical, methodological, and theoretical contributions to knowledge-making, teaching, and learning and American education from the nineteenth through the twenty-first century, the most dynamic period of African-American educational thought and activism. African-American thought and activism regarding education burgeoned from traditional academic disciplines, such as philosophy and art, mathematics and the natural sciences, and history and psychology; from the Black church as well as from grassroot political, social, cultural, and educational activism, with the desire to assess the stake of African Americans in modernity.