Pocket Constitution Of The United States Of America

Author: The Continental Congress
ISBN: 0997848480
Size: 11.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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This unannotated and unabridged Pocket Constitution is certified as true and accurate. This 46-page 4x6-in. book contains nothing but original text of the Constitution. The Bill of Rights and other amendments (11 through 27) follow. Nothing else.This is the true U.S. Constitution with no quotes or annotations and is certified as such by attorney Mike Arnold of Arnold Law in Eugene, Oregon, who represented Ammon Bundy in the aftermath of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Occupation (also known as the Oregon Standoff). The pocket constitution carried by the government protesters in Nevada at the Bundy Ranch near Bunkerville and in Harney County, Oregon, has been unfairly criticized as being an abridged or annotated constitution, which it isn't. It only contains the text of the Constitution preceded by some select quotes of Founders. Our Pocket Constitution contains no extraneous quotes. Only original text.No politics. No agendas. All original text.On the front page is a photo of Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill. His contribution to the Federalist Papers was instrumental in crafting this time-honored document.The price is kept as low as possible. Any net proceeds, if any, will go to Oregon schools.

The Constitution Of The United States Of America And Selected Writings Of The Founding Fathers

Publisher: Barnes & Noble
ISBN: 1435139305
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This leatherbound collection of classic works traces the founding of America, from the birth of the nation in the late 1760s to the creation of a more perfect union at the end of the early 1800s. It celebrates the pursuit of life, liberty and justice and the freedoms that define America through notable documents as well as significant pieces, writings and speeches by famous figures and the founding fathers commenting on historic events. This volume includes the full texts of On Civil War by Benjamin Franklin, Common Sense by Thomas Paine, The Declaration of Independence and many more. A beautiful addition to any home library, the bonded-leather edition also features a satin-ribbon bookmark, distinctive stained edging and decorative endpapers.

The Constitution Of The United States Of America With The Declaration Of Independence

Author: United States
Publisher: Fall River Press
ISBN: 1435145534
Size: 18.19 MB
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"The Constitution of the United States of America," inscribed and illustrated by master calligrapher Fink, brings to life the issues underlying the triumphs of this abiding document. Fink has gone back to his original black-and-white art and painted it anew, creating a full-color masterpiece.

Finishing Machine

Author: Mike Arnold
ISBN: 0997848499
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From Mike Arnold, criminal defense attorney/author: More often than not, a defense attorney's clients are guilty. Gerald Strebendt certainly looked guilty of the January 2014 road-rage murder. Marine sniper. Blackwater operative. MMA fighter with a 9-7 win-loss record, including an appearance in UFC 44. Strebendt was a trained killer, in other words, & one who just happened to be known for his hothead tendencies. It didn't help that his truck was a rolling armory that dark night on a rural road in Springfield, Ore., or that the weapon he used to shoot the other unarmed driver wasn't anybody's idea of "the right gun" to be carrying around town. It was an AR-15-type rifle, a long, black semiautomatic that the world loves to label a "military assault rifle."Yes, he sure looked guilty to many. Live the tension of the lawyers & the accused yourself by stepping into the mind of a criminal defense attorney & into the mind of "The Finishing Machine."