The Antitrust Revolution

Author: John E. Kwoka
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0199315493
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Fully updated to reflect important developments in antitrust economics, The Antitrust Revolution, Sixth Edition, examines the critical role of economic analysis in recent antitrust case decisions and policy. The case studies--more than half of which are entirely new--are written by prominent economists who participated in the proceedings of that case. Revised overview essays introduce the economics and law that are associated with the four sections: Horizontal Structure, Horizontal Practices, Vertical and Related Market Issues, and Network Issues. New to this edition: Appendices for several chapters now provide readers with greater depth in theoretical or empirical treatment of the issues in those chapters.

The Antitrust Revolution

Author: John E. Kwoka
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195161181
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The Antitrust Revolution: Economics, Competition, and Policy, 4/e,consists of a set of twenty original essays on important recent antitrust cases,commissioned and edited by John E. Kwoka, Jr. and Lawrence J. White. Each essaydiscusses a single case and was written by an economist who actuallyparticipated in the case. The cases are organized into three major sections:horizontal structure; horizontal practices; and vertical and complementarymarket issues. Each section has an introductory/overview essay written by theeditors.This collection is a unique resource. No other book provides such detailedeconomic analyses of antitrust cases. No other book provides the comprehensivecoverage of recent and emerging issues as does this volume. None draws on theexperience and reputation of so many leading economists to explain the analysesthat underlay the arguments in their cases.The Antitrust Revolution, 4/e, can be used in undergraduate and graduateclasses in industrial organization, government policy, and antitrust/regulationlaw and economics. It is also a useful reference book for lawyers andeconomists--both academics and practitioners--who are interested in the types ofeconomic analyses that have been applied in recent antitrust cases.For this fourth edition, fourteen new cases have been added, and six casesfrom the third edition have been updated and shortened. Among the importantrecent antitrust cases covered in the book are the British Petroleum/ARCO merger(2000), Toys "R" S (2000), American Airlines (2001), US vs. Microsoft (2001),and AOL Time Warner (2000).

Mergers Merger Control And Remedies

Author: John Kwoka
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262028486
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In recent decades, antitrust investigations and cases targeting mergers -- including those involving Google, Ticketmaster, and much of the domestic airline industry -- have reshaped industries and changed business practices profoundly. And yet there has been a relative dearth of detailed evaluations of the effects of mergers and the effectiveness of merger policy. In this book, John Kwoka, a noted authority on industrial organization, examines all reliable empirical studies of the effect of specific mergers and develops entirely new information about the policies and remedies of antitrust agencies regarding these mergers. Combined with data on outcomes, this policy information enables analysis of, and creates new insights into, mergers, merger policies, and the effectiveness of remedies in preventing anticompetitive outcomes.After an overview of mergers, merger policy, and a common approach to merger analysis, Kwoka offers a detailed analysis of the studied mergers, relevant policies, and chosen remedies. Kwoka finds, first and foremost, that most of the studied mergers resulted in competitive harm, usually in the form of higher product prices but also with respect to various non-price outcomes. Other important findings include the fact that joint ventures and code sharing arrangements do not result in such harm and that policies intended to remedy mergers -- especially conduct remedies -- are not generally effective in restraining price increases. The book's uniquely comprehensive analysis advances our understanding of merger decisions and policies, suggests policy improvements for competition agencies and remedies, and points the way to future research.

Competition Policy

Author: Massimo Motta
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521016916
Size: 17.59 MB
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The first book offering a systematic treatment of the economics of antitrust or competition policy.

Quantitative Techniques For Competition And Antitrust Analysis

Author: Peter Davis
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 9781400831869
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This book combines practical guidance and theoretical background for analysts using empirical techniques in competition and antitrust investigations. Peter Davis and Eliana Garcés show how to integrate empirical methods, economic theory, and broad evidence about industry in order to provide high-quality, robust empirical work that is tailored to the nature and quality of data available and that can withstand expert and judicial scrutiny. Davis and Garcés describe the toolbox of empirical techniques currently available, explain how to establish the weight of pieces of empirical work, and make some new theoretical contributions. The book consistently evaluates empirical techniques in light of the challenge faced by competition analysts and academics--to provide evidence that can stand up to the review of experts and judges. The book's integrated approach will help analysts clarify the assumptions underlying pieces of empirical work, evaluate those assumptions in light of industry knowledge, and guide future work aimed at understanding whether the assumptions are valid. Throughout, Davis and Garcés work to expand the common ground between practitioners and academics.

Economics Of Regulation And Antitrust

Author: W. Kip Viscusi
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 9780262220750
Size: 13.55 MB
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A substantially revised and updated new edition of the leading text on business and government, with new material reflecting recent theoretical and methodological advances; includes further coverage of the Microsoft antitrust case, the deregulation of telecommunications and electric power, and new environmental regulations.