Hitler The Germans And The Final Solution

Author: Ian Kershaw
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300148237
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This volume presents a comprehensive, multifaceted picture both of the destructive dynamic of the Nazi leadership and of the attitudes and behavior of ordinary Germans as the persecution of the Jews spiraled into total genocide.

The Germans And The East

Author: Charles W. Ingrao
Publisher: Purdue University Press
ISBN: 1557534438
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This volume provides an historical overview of the relationship between Germany, German speakers, and successive waves of German colonists with their eastern neighbors over the period from the Middle Ages to the present. The collection of essays by 28 leading experts includes the most recent scholarship together with fresh perspectives on the subject. The problems and issues raised in this volume come as a result of different understandings of ""German"" and ""Germany"" from the Germanic tribes and German ""stem-duchies"" of the Middle Ages to the highly decentralized and multi-ethnic Holy Roman Empire of late medieval and early modern times and the German Confederation of the 1815-1866 period to the various forms of the German state from 1871 to the present. The relationship of German-speakers to their eastern non-German speaking neighbors, as well as that of ""Germany"" both to those neighbors and to German-speakers living beyond the borders of the modern German state are covered. In addition, some attention is given to the German perception of the ""East"" during this unfolding relationship. ""The Germans and the East"" is divided into five sections. The first section covers the medieval period which saw the first German colonial expansion eastward. The second section, devoted to the early modern period, reviews the role of German speakers in the development policies of enlightened absolutism. The third section looks at the problem during the age of emerging nationalism in the ""long"" nineteenth century from 1789 to 1914. The fourth and longest section covers the era of the two World Wars, including their aftermaths, which saw the expulsion of German-speakers from Eastern Europe. The final section addresses the relationship of Germany and Austria and their eastern neighbors from the Cold War to the new era of European integration.

Verdi And The Germans

Author: Gundula Kreuzer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521519199
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This series explores the conceptual frameworks that shape or have shaped the ways in which we understand music and its history, and aims to elaborate structures of explanation, interpretation, commentary and criticism which make music intelligible and which provide a basis for argument about judgements of value. The intellectual scope of the series is broad. Some investigations will treat, for example, historiographical topics, others will apply cross-disciplinary methods to the criticism of music, and there will also be studies which consider music in its relation to society, culture and politics. Overall, the series hopes to create a greater presence for music in the ongoing discourse among the human sciences. --Book Jacket.

The Germans The Portuguese And India

Author: Pius Malekandathil
ISBN: UOM:39015061150184
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" German merchants emerged as influential commercial partners of the Portuguese in the 16th Century. The trade in spices and precious metals was not the only line pursued by them in India, they also collected precious stones and ventured far into the interior of the country. The present study illustrates these activities which have so far not received adequate attention. Moreover, not all of the Germans coming to India were merchants, there were also many soldiers, among them artillerists (bombardeiros) who had skills to offer which had obviously not yet been acquired by the Portuguese military. The news about India which German merchants and soldiers conveyed to their home country contributed to the increase of German knowledge of the world. "

Orphans Of Versailles

Author: Richard Blanke
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
ISBN: 0813130417
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A pioneer in the tradition of English womenÕs fiction, Charlotte Lennox was valued friend to both Samuel Richardson and Samuel Johnson and a major influence on Jane Austen. The heroine of Charlotte LennoxÕs Henrietta is a young Englishwoman who resists her aunt's pressure to convert to Catholicism and is set adrift in London society. But unlike many of her passive, vulnerable contemporaries in fiction, the admirable Henrietta makes her way in the world relying on her own cleverness, conviction, and wit. This groundbreaking work of satire and human folly is republished here in a fully annotated modern edition.

Germany For The Germans

Author: Wesley D. Chapin
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
ISBN: 0313302588
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Contrary to conventional wisdom, the history of Germany is a history of migration. This book clearly demonstrates the dramatic impacts it has had on key political events, including the construction of the Berlin Wall, its subsequent fall, the reunification of the German state, and the rise of ultranationalist right-wing parties.